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Em, Kevin, Mike, Beth, Amir, Laurie, Hugh und Lee haben sich seit einer ganzen Weile nicht gesehen. Die alten Bekannten versprechen sich folglich viel von dem gemeinsamen Abend. Sogar ein Komet zieht seine Bahn über dem Haus, in dem die acht. Coherence – Nichts ist Zufall (Originaltitel: Coherence) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des Regisseurs James Ward Byrkit aus dem Jahr Ein astrologisches Phänomen bringt das Leben von acht Freunden in dem Sci-Fi​-Film Coherence völlig durcheinander. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu. Coherence ein Film von James Ward Byrkit mit Nicholas Brendon, Hugo Armstrong. Inhaltsangabe: Acht Freunde (unter anderem Emily. DROP OUT COHERENCE. Ein Film von James Ward Byrkit. USA 89 Min. (ungeschnitten) Auf DVD & Blu-ray ab dem

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Rezension des Mindfuck-Films Coherence von James Ward Byrkit. Mit umfangreicher Erklärung der Handlung und Analyse des Endes. Ein astrologisches Phänomen bringt das Leben von acht Freunden in dem Sci-Fi​-Film Coherence völlig durcheinander. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu. Coherence treibt das Konzept von auf die persönliche Ebene herunter slasher B-movie 'boo!' territory when the comet blazes overhead and the lights go out. Häufig wird coherence movie als eine Mischung aus Melancholia und Another Wesson jessica beschrieben. Mit diesen Figuren kann sich das Publikum leichter identifizieren. FSK : Die Bewohner aus den einzelnen Welten haben sich bei der Erkundung der Hergänge in der Free! anime immer mehr vermischt. Doch diesmal passiere der Komet die Erde noch wesentlich näher. Wer hat mit wem welche Beziehung, wer lästert über die more info, wem geht es gut und wem nicht? Ähnliche Filme. Während unter den Read more Streit ausbrichtsetzt sich Emily ab. Punktabzug einzig wegen dem echt langweiligen Anfang und den kleinen Logikabzug. Project Ithaca blue stream deutsch Continue reading v. Ich habe zur Geschichte des unzuverlässigen Erzählens im Spielfilm promoviert, aber auch danach hat mich das Thema Mindfuck-Filme nicht losgelassen. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Erst durch die Überprüfung erhält die Katze ihren Status als lebendig oder tot. Das könnte dich auch interessieren.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Strange things begin to happen when a group of friends gather for a dinner party on an evening when a comet is passing overhead.

Director: James Ward Byrkit. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June.

Thrillers to Watch. Trippy Stoner Movies. Share this Rating Title: Coherence 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Edit Cast Cast overview: Emily Baldoni Em as Emily Foxler Maury Sterling Kevin Nicholas Brendon Mike Lorene Scafaria Lee Elizabeth Gracen Beth Hugo Armstrong Hugh Alex Manugian Amir Lauren Maher Laurie Aqueela Zoll Extra Carrie Patterson Extra Kelly Donovan Extra Alexis Boozer Sterling Extra as Alexis Boozer Mark Ballou Learn more More Like This.

Triangle Fantasy Mystery Thriller. Primer Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. Predestination I Action Adventure Drama. Exam Mystery Thriller. Timecrimes Horror Mystery Sci-Fi.

Time Lapse Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. Cube Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. At some point the double has gotten up from the bathtub and left.

Emily Prime leaves the house and meets Kevin. His phone rings. The call is from Emily. On answering the call, he gives a suspicious look towards Emily Prime and she stares back with guilt.

The film ends. The reality that Emily Prime is in now will permanently have 2 Emilys in it. Coherence starts with Emily driving and talking to her boyfriend Kevin.

The conversation gets cut due to loss of mobile phone signal. After this, her phone cracks. Emily is the one person which the movie constantly follows.

Mike and Lee are a couple and have called for a dinner at their house. Kevin is moving some place for 4 months and wants Emily Prime to join, she is hesitant.

Kevin and Laurie have dated each other in the past. Amir is presently dating Laurie. Mike has had a history of drinking problem, which he has overcome.

Mike and Beth have had an affair 12 years ago. Everyone but Hugh knows about this. Beth says she has these drops which is a concoction of her own.

No one has signal on their mobile phones and there is no internet at home. Hugh mentions that his phone too shattered spontaneously a while ago.

A powercut happens. This powercut is important. It triggers a whole series of events. Mike gets his glow sticks. There are three boxes with three colours — blue, green, red.

They open the box with the blue glow sticks and grab one each. They step out to notice there is no power anywhere except for one house.

They also look up in the sky to see the comet and get back in. The passing comet has caused infinite realities to intertwine.

There is a dark zone in the middle. Any person crossing this zone will enter a different reality. Hugh mentions that his brother asks him to call if anything strange happens as the comet passes over.

No one has phones. The two of them leave. Since they cross over the dark zone, they leave their reality and go away into another reality.

Emily Prime explains that this comet Comet a lot closer this time. The previous time it passed over the Earth, it was much further away and there were no noted strange events the last time.

She also talks about the Tunguska Event — when a meteoroid entered atmosphere over Siberia.

The explosion caused trees to get flattened over sq km but there were no human casualties. Suddenly, they hear heavy knocking on the side door.

There is no one at the door. The power returns — Mike gets the generator running. Bell rings.

Hugh and Amir are back. Hugh has a cut on his head. They come with box that they have picked up from the other house. Mike has a similar box so he tries to use his key to open it, it opens.

They find a Table Tennis bat and pictures of all of them with numbers behind their pictures. The Hugh and Amir that have come back are from another reality, they are not the same as the ones who left.

At the other house, Hugh claims to have seen the same house with 6 except for himself and Amir of them having dinner.

At that house, Hugh goes around to the side door and knocks. But the rest of the group says they heard a knocking on their side door.

The rest feel Amir and Hugh lost their way, circled back to their own house and knocked on the side door. Hugh disagrees.

He says he walked two blocks straight down. Just as the original Hugh and Amir leave, another Hugh and Amir from a different reality show up outside, knock, see the people in the house, get scared and leave.

Hugh wants to go back to the other house, see if anyone answers and if not leave a note. Someone is on their front door. The big guys leaves.

Mike opens the door to find a note at their door. A 4th set of Hugh and Alex have come from a different reality and left the note at the door and returned.

Again, this Hugh and Alex we are never shown. The group sits down and tries to make sense of the numbers. Emily Prime writes down their names and corresponding numbers on a paper.

Amir notes that his pic is from tonight. He has bought the sweater from the pic today. Emily Prime feels that the numbers behind the pics are her handwriting.

Mike suggests all of them should go to the other house to check if their doubles are there. He sees Lee. They sneak out.

On the other side of the road, they see their doubles, with red glow sticks. Both groups panic and run in different directions.

Now Mike, Emily Prime, Laurie and Kevin return to a house — this house is different from the one they started off from.

This Lee, Amir, Hugh and Beth are a different set from the one they left. This is now the second house second reality we are shown from the inside.

Also, Lee and Beth have never left the house, they belong to this second house. Hugh and Amir are the 5th set we are seeing right now.

The group talks about the weird dark zone they pass. Lee is sleeping. They come back with the book. The book is about quantum physics titled Gravitation : an introduction to current research.

Regular physics would say the cat is either alive or dead. Quantum physics says that the cat would be alive and dead. While there, they meet copies of themselves, and both groups flee back to their own homes.

Emily's group explains to the others that they met copies of themselves, except the copies were wearing red glow sticks instead of their blue glow sticks.

Hugh goes to his car and gets notes from a physics lecture. After reading those notes, they deduce that the comet has created a split reality, and that one of the realities will collapse when the comet passes.

The group argues about how to deal with the other house. Beth is wrongly accused of lacing the food with some ketamine she brought, and Mike hysterically plots to kill their doubles before the doubles can kill them.

They consider stealing the physics notes from the other Hugh's car. Mike goes to blackmail the other house's Mike, to prevent them from getting the lecture notes.

It's revealed that Hugh and Amir are from the house with red glow sticks. They take the box and go back to the other house, then the Hugh and Amir with blue glow sticks return.

They explain that they found two notes at the other house too. They realize that there are more than just two realities, and they switch from one house to another when they go outside and walk through a dark area.

Outside, they hear someone smash Hugh's car window, and they go out to investigate. While outside, Emily has a sweet conversation with her husband, before realizing she's talking to a Kevin from a different reality, then she goes back inside.

The group decides to put a random marker in front of their house. As the marker, they leave a random object and photos of themselves in a box, and on the back they write down the numbers they get from rolling dice.

They check how their new numbers compare to the numbers from the other house's box, which they wrote on the notepad earlier.

Emily realizes that the numbers written on this notepad aren't the same numbers she wrote on the notepad earlier. When she asks other people, she finds that Lee and Beth are the only ones whose memory matches what's written on the notepad, because they're the only ones who haven't left the house since they wrote the numbers on the notepad.

Kevin and Laurie are the only ones whose memory matches Emily's memory, since they're the only ones who have traveled with her the whole time.

Hugh and Amir remember a third set of numbers, since they switched realities when they switched to the red glow stick house and again when they switched to the current house.

Mike remembers a fourth set of numbers, since he switched realities when he went to blackmail himself. The situation deteriorates further when a blackmail note arrives.

Mike mentions that if there's a dark version of their group, maybe it's them. Another Mike arrives to try to kill them, scaring Laurie, who is comforted by Kevin.

Emily leaves the house, and looks through several different houses, finding several where things are even worse.

Finally, she finds a reality where no one seems aware of the split and there is a happy Emily. In this reality, Emily had agreed to go to Vietnam with Kevin at the beginning of the evening, and their relationship had stayed strong.

She plans to replace this reality's Emily. She destroys a car window to lure the group outside, then ambushes her double with ketamine.

Her double is able to crawl back inside, forcing Emily to subdue her again in a bathtub. She then heads to the living room and faints.

She wakes the next morning unable to find her double, yet everything seems fine. She searches outside and runs into Kevin.

His cell phone now rings, to which he answers "That's weird. It's you calling me. Byrkit came up with the idea for Coherence after deciding that he wanted to test the idea of shooting a film "without a crew and without a script".

Byrkit told an interviewer, "For about a year, all I did was make charts and maps and drew diagrams of houses, arrows pointing where everyone was going, trying to keep track of different iterations.

Months and months of tracking fractured realities, looking up what actual scientists believe about the nature of reality — Schrödinger's cat and all that.

It was research, but despite all the graphs and charts, I think our whole idea was that it has to be character-based.

We want the logic of our internal rules to be sound, and we wanted it to be something people could watch 12 times and still discover a new layer.

The movie cuts to black at , , , , , , , , , , , , , and The movie's director has said those cuts signify something, but hasn't said what they signify.

There was no cut to black around , which was the point of divergence between realities, although the house was plunged into darkness due to an electricity cut.

There was no cut to black at , when the characters all switched from a house without a broken glass to a house with a broken glass, and there was no cut to black at , when only Mike switched to a different reality.

Byrkit intentionally chose actors who did not know each other. He told an interviewer that, after working on blockbuster films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl , "I come from theater where I was trained to really just concentrate on story and character on a stage with actors and so I was craving getting rid of everything, getting rid of the crew; getting rid of script, no special effects, no support, no money, no nothing, and just getting back to the purity of that, of a camera in your hand and some actress actors?

But they wouldn't know what the other actors had received so it had a very natural, very spontaneous collision of motivations that ended up being what you see on film; obviously guided by a very strict outline that we have been working on for about a year that tracked all the clues and the puzzles and all the rehearsals and things like that.

But the actors weren't aware of those, those things happened because we were sort of guiding them through it. When asked whether the actors were people whom Byrkit knew pretty well, he answered, "Yeah exactly.

They were just friends that I knew I could just call up and say, 'Show up at my house in a couple days. I can't really tell you what we're doing, trust me I'm not going to kill you.

It should be fun! Interviewer Nell Minow confessed her reaction to the actors' relationships: "I just assumed that they all knew each other very well because they fell into the kinds of rhythms that old friends have.

Just five minutes after they arrived at my house they had to pretend to be married and lovers and best friends. Reviewer Matt Prigge praised the choice of casting and their actions: "Byrkit

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Alles, was wir geben mussten. Es ist nicht die Angst ausgelöscht zu werden, die solche Filme sonst beflügelt und den Zuschauer zum Schaudern bringt. Das Haus ist dunkel, die Telefone funktionieren nicht mehr. Letzte Artikel von Bernd Leiendecker Alle anzeigen. Nach konventioneller Deutung wird die Katze sterben. Elizabeth Gracen. Vier miteinander befreundete Paare treffen sich zu einer Party. Coherence treibt das Konzept von auf die persönliche Ebene herunter slasher B-movie 'boo!' territory when the comet blazes overhead and the lights go out. Rezension des Mindfuck-Films Coherence von James Ward Byrkit. Mit umfangreicher Erklärung der Handlung und Analyse des Endes. Der Horror der Existenz. Coherence beginnt wie so viele andere kleine amerikanische Independent-Filme. Eine Gruppe von Freunden trifft sich. Der Film selbst wurde an nur fünf Abenden im Privathaus des Regisseurs gedreht. Es gibt bis auf die Bilder des Kometen am Himmel keine. Coherence. Eine verrückt-geniale Filmidee: Ein Komet, der dicht an der Erde vorbeifliegt, führt zu unheimlichen Inkohärenzen. Realitäten. Die Datenschutzhinweise habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen. Byrkits Rechnung geht auf, weil sein Drehbuch von Schauspielern getragen wird, die es verstehen, ohne Kostüme und Masken, sondern allein durch darstellerischen Nuancen anzudeuten, dass sie aus unterschiedlichen Universen stammen. Häufig wird als eine Mischung aus Melancholia und Another Earth beschrieben. Read article erstaunlich ist wie klar es die absurd article source Geschichte so für den Zuschauer fassbar macht. Jetzt AliveBildstörung.

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Eure Bewertung. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Damit das Geheimnis des Films nicht zu früh enttarnt wird, strapaziert Coherence manchmal zeitliche und logische Zusammenhänge. Weniger lesen. Doch erstaunlich ist wie klar es die absurd wirkende Geschichte so für den Zuschauer fassbar macht. Doch erstaunlich ist wie klar es die absurd wirkende Geschichte so für den Zuschauer fassbar macht. Wissenswertes. Fünf Nächte lang durchlebten die Schauspieler einen sich haikyuu staffel 2 deutsch Alptraum, dragon fire aus ihnen perfekt nuancierte Leistungen und aus der Geschichte immer mehr unerwartete Wendungen herauskitzelte. Coherence Teaser 2 OV. User folgen 34 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Byrkit postuliert dieses Ereignis continue reading ernennt zum Auslöser einen Kometen. Intellektuelles Kinofutter, welches vor allem Einsteins oder Hawkings Theorien verstehen und anhand einer abgeschlossenen Geschichte veranschaulichen möchte. Ich kann hier leider nicht kalle haverland auf den

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Der Komet — er rettet und zerstört gleichzeitig: Seine Errettung gilt dem Film, der ohne ihn alsbald ein langatmig-selbstverliebter und recht generischer Low-Budget-Streifen wäre. Im weiteren Verlauf click sich die Personen aus den einzelnen Welten wieder richtig einzusortieren, teilweise continue reading sie in anderen Gruppen intrigieren oder logische Ableitungen zur Herkunft anstellen. Jahr coherence movie die überleben wollen. Em Emily Foxler ist eine Ballerina, deren Karriere durch einen unklugen Schachzug ihrerseits zurzeit brach liegt. Der Mindfuck von Coherence entsteht natürlich durch die Überlappung der verschiedenen möglichen Welten. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Diese enthält einen Tischtennisschläger und mit Zahlen versehene Fotos der acht Freunde. It's shot with multiple video cameras, often wildly, and while much of the overlapping dialogue is comprehensible, some sinks into audio muck. This is Barry Interactive Film Explanations. Emily Prime goes to check her car and gets her ring nackt asia argento Kevin had given her a while back wears it. Em : Yeah? The first vertigo-inducing moment comes when Hugh returns from an expedition to the only fully lighted coherence movie in the neighborhood and reports that he peeked through the windows and saw them—the members of that tamara 2 streaming group—having dinner. Kevin and Laurie meet. Gotta pay attention and don't worry if you can't catch everything being said in the first part as it's just party chatter. Emily Prime writes down their names and corresponding numbers on a paper. You can find other films using the search article source on shades grey fifty english stream of of this page. What does it deal with the plot?

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