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- Erkunde eheib85s Pinnwand „Fledermaus“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Fledermaus, Niedlich, Figur, Zeichnungen, Hunde, Tiere, Bilder, Comic Kinder. Bilder finden, die zum Begriff Fledermaus passen. ✓ Freie Kostenlose Bilder zum Thema Fledermaus. Ähnliche Tier, Fledermaus, Blut, Cartoon, Comic. Finden und Downloaden Sie kostenlose Grafikressourcen für Fledermaus Cartoon. + Vektoren, Stockfotos und PSD ✓ Kommerzielle Nutzung. sobald der Artikel verfügbar ist. Produktmerkmale wayne robin harley quinn fledermaus, gothamcity dc comic helden hero. Suchergebnis auf a3hockey.se für: Fledermaus Comic 3.

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zumeist aber alberne und etwas naive Fledermaus, flattert bereits seit täglich durch das weltweite Netz. Zufallscomic · Diesen Comic transkribieren. Suchergebnis auf a3hockey.se für: Fledermaus Comic 3. Suchbegriff: 'Fledermaus Comic' Geschenke bei Spreadshirt ✓ Einzigartige Designs ✓ 30 Tage Rückgaberecht ✓ Jetzt Fledermaus Comic Geschenke online​. fledermaus comic

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Strauss-Godowsky - Symphonic Metamorphosis on "Die Fledermaus" (CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR FINALE)

Fledermaus Comic Video

Kiri Te Kanawa - Die Fledermaus Niedliche lila Fledermaus Maske. Originaletiketten sind u. Hordeman Live 1bundesliga Fit T-Shirt. Manche sehen in ihm den Retter und Helden, andere kritisieren ihn als gesetzlosen Rächer Vigilant mit fragwürdigen Methoden. Bewertungen 0. Von BlancaJP. Das Lieferdatum — wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet bezieht sich this web page einen Zahlungseingang https://a3hockey.se/riverdale-serien-stream/der-tod-lguft-hinterher.php. Batman Sonderband: Pennyworth R. Tags: fledermaus, männer, orakel, babs, barbaragordon, barbaras, gordon, fledermaus mädchen, bruce, wayne, bruce wayne, cartoon, comic buch, comic, dc, dc comics, Spruch. Gliscor Punch Sticker.

Between mistaken identities, love triangles and exacting revenge, it is an incredibly fun scene to perform and watch.

Fleming believes the themes of the show are relevant in any time. Tickets and more information about Northwestern Opera productions are available at concertsatbienen.

June 19, — University. June 12, — People. Your coming was propitious. Do tell, do tell us what's occurred!

This dainty one's complaining The Marquis took her— yes! Yes, it's too entertaining. For what, then? Try to guess. Ridiculous, that man mistook Me just now for a cook.

Ha, ha, ha i He thought she was a cook. Dear sir, this is most impolite, Your blunder's past excusing.

How impolite. Most impolite. I really was bewildered quite. The likeness is confusing. And surely my hand is too neat — Oh!

And surely I've such tiny feet — Oh! My speech shows such taste ; How dainty my waist! For charms like these you look In vain in maid or cook ; Most irritating, you must see.

Mistakes like this are apt to be. What a curious — ha, ha, ha — Situation — ha, ha, ha! This straight profile, In Grecinn style.

All scruples should disarm ; If you still should doubt. Well then, what about My figure's hig-h-born charm? Most carefully through your lorgnette — oh!

Observe this most modish toilette — oh! Run on some lady's maid ; You see her image everywhere. It is most strange, I do declare!

Yes, this curious— ha, ha, ha! Situation — ha, ha, ha! Now you have laughed enough. Ladies and gentle- men, I beg your pardon.

Be magnanimous. If you beg our pardon, we will forgive you ; but in future beware of pretty servant girls!

Enter Ivan. Monsieur le Chevalier Chagrin. Frank, the Governor of the gaol. Welcome, in the name of His Highness.

Welcome, M. I crave your Highness' pardon. I was detained. No ceremony, please. Falke [introducing. You are fellow-countrymen, then?

Eisenstein [to himself. Oh, confound it! Perhaps he will begin to talk French! J'ai I'honneur, M. J'ai I'honneur — Serviteur. If he goes on, I am done!

Aussi, aussi, aussi. I wish I could, oh, see the way- out of this! I thank you for the title "Chevalier"; "Governor of the Gaol" would hardly do in this company.

Have you been long- in this watering place, Chevalier? Three days, M. Haven't you met each other before?

My loss. I seldom appear in public. That we shall improve our acquaintance. And see each other often. A most amiable man, this Chevalier.

Frank to Falke. I like this Marquis immensely. Falke [to Orlofsky What will these gentlemen say when they do get to know each other better?

But why doesn't supper come? I have got a tre- mendous appetite. Yes, yes. I hope you will have a few minutes' patience. We are expecting another lady.

Another lady! A lady on whose behalf I request the discretion of all the company. How exciting-! Let us hear more about it I Falke.

She's a lady of the hig-hest aristocracy, a Hungarian countess who would like to join our merry party, but has to take certain precautions.

Married, I suppose? Poor thing! Yes, and to a man who is so jealous that he would like to carry his wife about with him in his coat pocket.

And althoug-h he's in retirement, the lady is cautious enoug-h only to come to parties like this masked! But I promised her that she could come here, and be quite sure of our discretion, so now you must all swear to respect her incognito.

We swear. That's interesting-, that's deuced interesting! Perhaps she's ugly. And now let us all take another turn in the garden.

Let us go. Well, Marquis! How much longer am I to wait for you? It is too extraordinary, this likeness. I must make experiments.

I hope you won't refuse me when I apply for the place. That depends on you. Elsenstein makes his watch repeat. What a duck of a darling little watch!

It is really a lady's watch. Perhaps I shall have the good fortune to-day to find a lady who will take it. I haven't got a little watch like that.

And I've only one little watch like that. To whom can I present it? In leavings Eisenstein kisses Adele who shrieks.

It is Adele, I recognise her shriek. He's a bright boy. Here's the lady. She has not been long. I am very sorry. Is it you, Doctor? Then what you wrote to me is really true.

A look into the garden will convince you. There you can see how your husband is serving his sentence. With a lady on his arm.

Yes — no — I cannot be mistaken. It is Adele, your maid. And he draggled me into it, too. The airs she is giving- herself in my dress!

Just you wait, Miss. I will give you a nice prescription for your sick old aunt! He is coming.

Rosalinda puts her mask o? What's this? The Governor of the Gaol here too Frank. Marquis, your watch is a real talisman. Does he dare to call himself Marquis?

I owe no end of conquests to it. If your wife only knew! My poor little wife! I expect she's dreaming of her Gabriel.

And her Gabriel is making fun of her! You live near here, Marquis? Quite near. Ten minutes from here, round to the left. Yes, so do I — to the right.

Extraordinary that we should never have met before, but in future, I hope often to see you at my little place.

Let us be friends. Eisenstein and Frank embrace. One heart, one soul! Ha, ha, ha. What have you got to laugh at?

I always think it ridiculous when men embrace in the presence of ladies. Ladies, Heavens. Then that's? Frank Falke.

The Hungarian Countess of whom I spoke. They say she's very beautiful. Gentlemen, leave her to me. Good luck, Marquis.

Good luck! That Marquis is quite as merry a person as your friend Eisenstein. I as merry as I! What does he know of Eisenstein?

He doesn't know me as Eisenstein anyway. How I should like to give him a good shaking. Ah, ah, ah. She seems to have temperament.

Hun- garian blood. As to the tale of the aristocratic Countess, I do not believe it. She will be caught by the watch like others.

Same biisijiess as before. What is he doing? That is the watch to which he owed so many conquests. What a charming little watch!

It is very pretty. Where can one buy a little watch like that? I bought it in Berlin to give it to a charming actress as a tribute of esteem.

Not a Countess, but an actress. The Manager said many nice things to me after the rehearsal. She's really delicious! If only I could get hold of that watch!

But alas! In his prison I had thought him. Never here should I have sought him. Shirking duty, Wooing beauty, Wicked man, it's vain to try From my righteous wrath to fly!

Ah, how soon this fair form may be drifting From my ken and melt into air. Let me gaze, your mask just lifting, On your beauty, rich and rare.

Really, sir, it does surprise me, A man of breedings should forget That attempts to recog-nise me Are a breach of etiquette.

How he's cooing- as he's wooing, Languid glances on me glueing, Swears devotion, has no notion Who it is behind the veil.

See him rush to his undoing — Soon his sins he will be rueing ; I have caught him ; I am certain I'll not fail.

My advances she repels ; Yes, I hope I shan't fail. Yes, I think she's frail. Joy, I'm hoping, crowns my wooing.

I will not fail. She is caught ; I am certain I shan't fail. Oh, how fast my pulse is flying, My poor head! Oh, how it hurts.

Truly I've been prophesying. Love at last its power asserts! Let me put it to the test. Yes, I think that will be best. Yes, let us count — One, two, three, four.

Stop, that's very fine, But after seven follows eight. My nerves are in a dreadful state — Let us change places.

Change places? You count my pulses' beat from now, And if they're going slow or quick, I'll tell by your repeater's tick — If you'll allow, I'll show you how.

I'm ready— Go — 34 Both. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.

Seventeen, eig'hteen, nineteen, twenty, Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, eighty, hundred. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, trot, Trot, trot, trot ; Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, trot, Trot, trot, trot ; The pace is hot!

Six hundred and ten! You're cheating again! I've counted hundreds more,. Twenty thousand is my score!

Yes, twenty thousand is my score. My friend, your counting's most erratic. Deuce take precision mathematic! To-day you'll do no more repeating.

She's got my watch. I say, that's cheating! It's a joke. I thank you sincerely. Do not provoke. You're acting most queerly. In the trap I have not caught her ; Who so clever would have thought her?

What a trick — I've ne'er seen neater. She walks off" with my repeater! Oh, please, my watch! Please give it me, Just let me see!

In the trap I have not caught her, Please give it me. Just a moment let me see! Oh dear! Oh dear I This is very costly joking, Its results are most provoking, I have lost my watch and chain, Have been fooled, it is plain!

There is the unknown lady, whose arrival the Doctor announced to us. I should like to see her face All. Take off" your mask. Ladies and g-entlemen, you are forgetting- your compact.

In my villa every lady has the right to reveal herself or conceal herself as she likes. She does just as she pleases. My watch has gone.

But I would bet ten to one she is not Hungarian. A lady from the other side of the border has more fire, and would long ago have exploded in oar company.

And yet she's Hungarian. Can your Highness prove it? Let music prove it! Tales of sorrow telling, With streaming eyes I hear.

Weeping I hear them. Wild melodies burning With fierce yearning For thee, my home, so dear! Thy forests so wondrous green.

Oh land, where joy my lot hath been! By thine image blessed, Is all my soul for aye possessed. Though all the world may part me from thee, As thou hast ever been, thou art Sole idol of my heart.

Oh, thy forests so wondrous green, etc. True Hungarians all. Ne'er deal to pleasure's call ; Quick to the dance away, Csardas sounds so gay.

Maid with the fiery glance, Only with thee I'll dance ; Quick, give your arm to me. Come, my partner be!

Band, mark the measure — ha! Sing, all, for pleasure — ha! Clank spurs, horseman bold. Maiden will not be cold ; 36 Glances cry give sig-n She will soon be thine!

Wine-cup seizing, Thirst appeasing, Quickly let it pass From hand to hand! Hail victorious, Tokay glorious, May heaven bless our native land!

Now Doctor, keep your promise, and tell us about that excellent joke of yours. The story of the bat.

You are talking of the bat? That is the comedy of which I am the author, and in which the poor Doctor plays the title part. All the Girls.

Well, you tell us. Anything you like. So you are still. We were both living in a small town not far from here.

Falke had already started in practice, but I vvas still a bachelor. At a country house two miles from our town there was a fancy dress ball to which we were invited.

I went as a butterfly, and the Doctor as a bat. Tightly sewn up in a thick brown skin, long claws, broad wings, and a yellow beak.

To cut a long story short, when morning came he had had more than was good for him, and, as we drove home through the woods, the coachman and I lifted him out, and, very gently and tenderly, placed him in the shade of a spreading tree and left him there all unconscious of his fate.

Poor Doctor! When he woke there was no help for it. In broad daylight he had to walk home through the town, to the great joy of all the street arabs.

Splendid, Marquis, splendid. That bat was a splendid idea. Only a marquis could invent such things. Make the Marquis and the Chevalier drink as much as they can.

To supper, ladies and gentlemen, to supper! To supper, to supper! Orlofsky [with his glass in hand, rising.

Ladies and gentle- men a toast! Champagne, the king of wines. Long live his fizzing majesty and all his loyal subjects. Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Good wine to youth restores us, Tra la la la la la la! It kills the thoughts that bore us. Tra la la la la la la! Though power be their chief pleasure, Vain glory though thy treasure.

E'en Kings find relaxation In rational potation. Then all your voices raise. The King of Wines to praise! A Toast. His sovereignty we all acclaim!

The monk is not exempted, Tra la la la la la la! He too is sorely tempted. His poor parched lips to soften, He takes a draught full often.

It's by such careful study He makes his nose so ruddy. The King o Wines to praise! The whole world bows before you, Tra la la la la la la!

Both hemispheres adore you ; Tra la la la la la la! Wine often makes a nation Forget an altercation. It's wise of Kings, I'm thinking, To foster peace by drinking.

A toast, etc. My love to you, Good Chevalier! Merci, merci, my dear! Your health, Lord Marquis, g-racious peer! Here's your health, Chevalier and Marquis!

Merci, Merci, my dear! Merci, merci, merci! Stop, if you can ; Tve a new plan! Hear his plan! I see many fond couples united, I see true love's not unrequited ; So let us a great confraternity found, Be brothers and sisters all round.

Universal brotherhood it be! And you, lovely stranger, do you agree? Where all are kissing, I won't be missing-.

Well, here's my plan. Take your glass — this way ; And each to your next neighbour say : Brother dear and sister dear.

Henceforth we all must be ; I'm sure you will agree. Brother dear and sister dear. Falke and Chorus.

Now since formal salutation Here is out of place. Let a fond embrace Be compact's confirmation! With a kiss I claim you. You, you, you — till death ycu.

You, you, you — dui du, dui du, dui du. I think we've had enough Such music bewitching Has set my nerves twitching, To dance now ourselves is far best.

Rosalinda Falke Orlofsky Chorus. Ha, what a feast, what a wondrous night! Cupid and Bacchus give us bhss ; Life would, indeed, be one long delight, Were every hour but as gay as this!

You're my only prop, my friend. Yours until death and perdition. I How touching in the gaol will be I Their mutual recognition.

Oh, what a night, etc. Brother, brother, my watch won't go ; Tell me how the night has sped. Brother, mine is wrong also.

It won't go, or fly : it's fled. Pardon me for asking. Is it not time yet for unmasking? It's absurd I should not know Where my precious watch will go.

Attempt not to know what's here concealed,. You'd perish of terror were it revealed. Ho ho, ho ho, what does it mean? Best joke I ever have seen.

The role of Eisenstein was originally written for a tenor but is now frequently sung by a baritone. The role of Orlofsky is a trouser role , usually performed by a mezzo-soprano , sometimes by a countertenor and occasionally — an octave lower — by a tenor.

The party of Act II allows productions to insert a variety of additional entertainment acts, such as music, comedy, or dance.

The lengthy drunken soliloquy by Frosch a comedy speaking role in Act III also permits variety in performance.

Gabriel von Eisenstein, a Viennese man-about-town, has been sentenced to eight days in prison for insulting an official, partially due to the incompetence of his attorney, Dr.

Adele, Eisenstein's maid, receives a forged letter, allegedly from her sister who is in the company of the ballet, but actually written by Falke, inviting her to Prince Orlofsky's ball.

Together, they recall a practical joke which Eisenstein played on Falke a few years ago, for which Falke is secretly planning a light-hearted revenge in kind.

Eisenstein bids farewell to Adele and his wife Rosalinde, pretending he is going to prison Trio: "O Gott, wie rührt mich dies! Frank, the governor of the prison, arrives to take Eisenstein to jail, and finds Alfred instead.

In order not to compromise Rosalinde, Alfred agrees to pretend to be Eisenstein and to accompany Frank. It transpires that Falke, with Prince Orlofsky's permission, is using the ball as a way of getting revenge on Eisenstein.

Some time before, after a costume-party, Eisenstein had abandoned Falke, very drunk and dressed in a bat-costume, in the center of town, exposing him to ridicule the next day.

As part of his scheme, Falke has invited Frank, Adele, and Rosalinde to come the ball, all concealing their identities as well. Rosalinde pretends to be a masked Hungarian countess, Eisenstein goes by the name "Marquis Renard," Frank is "Chevalier Chagrin," and Adele, who has borrowed one of Rosalinde's dresses without permission, pretends she is an actress.

Eisenstein is introduced to Adele, but is confused as to who she really is because of her striking resemblance to his maid. Frank arrives.

He and Eisenstein, who are both posing as Frenchmen, attempt to conceal their identities by repeating common French phrases to each other, to Orlofsky's great amusement.

Since neither actually knows French, both are fooled. As the party progresses, they both experience alcohol-induced good-feeling and manly camaraderie for each other.

Then Falke introduces the masked Rosalinde to the company. She succeeds in extracting a valuable watch from her husband's pocket, something which she can use in the future as evidence of his impropriety.

Note: The "Champagne song", which is sung by the entire ensemble, should not be confused with the baritone aria "Fin ch' han dal vino" from Don Giovanni , which is often called the "Champagne aria".

The next morning they all find themselves at the prison where the confusion increases and is compounded by the jailer, Frosch, who has profited by Warden Frank's absence to become gloriously drunk.

Alfred, still in jail in Eisenstein's place, irritates the other prisoners by singing operatic arias. Meanwhile, Alfred asks Frosch to summon Dr.

Blind to help get him released; Frank agrees to allow this and Dr.

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