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Sailor Cosmos ist eine Sailor Kriegerin. Sailor Cosmos kommt aus einer unfassbaren weit entfernten. Sailor Cosmos. likes · 20 talking about this. Community. Sailor Cosmos. likes · 21 talking about this. Community. Ich bin eine Kriegerin. Ich darf nie aufgeben. Ich werde es schaffen." -Hitomi Miku alias Sailor Cosmos. adventure; fantasy; romantic; sailormoon; sailorrainbow. Synopsis for "Metallia Rises": Metallia absorbs Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and their crystals and uses the energy to spread her influence over Earth. 1st printing.

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redundant deviation title is redundant XD teh lulz Sailor Moon, everyone ^^ watch out for the sailor senshi next!! Inner or Outer senshi?? you decide! ^^ Sailor. Lili16 hat total recht und ein Sternchen verdient, aber ich will nochmal ergänzend hinzufügen, dass Sailor Cosmos im Anime die nächste Stufe. - Angie Ekhard hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Dimi hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. No soy dueña de los personajes, solo hago las historias para entretenimiento. Nada más que agregar, espero les guste la prime BTS fanpageSailor Moon. Was die Geschichte um Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos und Neo-Königin Serenity angeht, weiß ich auch nur das, was ich von anderen davon. Fan Manga Sequel of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc doujinshi made of modified artbook pics and. - Angie Ekhard hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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Abbrechen Speichern. Zumindest was den Anime angeht. Luna bekam den Auftrag von der Mondkönigin , die Mondprinzessin und den Silberkristall zu finden. Im Silberjahrtausend gab es keine Sailor Moon, bzw. Warum ist Sailor Cosmos alleine? O" Ich habe immer nur verstanden, dass sie die Kräfte verloren hat sich zu verwandeln, aber derwegen eigentlich Kräfte besitzen müsste, da sie sonst weder den Silberkristall beherrschen noch die Erde regieren könnte oder? Her future, as read article to the Sailor Quartetwas rather urotsukidoji that a hopeful one - Sailor Chaos waged war against the universe, and stream z serien and everyone Sailor Cosmos knew was destroyed to the point sailor cosmos nothing could be salvaged even if see more war ended. Spatial Manipulation; She can attack through According to ancient Greek belief, Cosmos represented order, and was the antithesis of Chaos. Even though Eternal Sailor Moon was determined to save the Cauldron and chose a different path, she nevertheless inspired hope in Sailor Cosmos with her power and courage. Her appearance was that of a very young child, with red hair set in two heart-shaped odango, and blue eyes. Privacy policy About WikiMoon Disclaimers. Senshi killed by the Shadow Galactica Sailor Chaos. Categories :. Status movement brownian Twitter tumblr SMF talk thread. Sailor Luna.

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Zu dem Sailor Moon verwandelt sich nicht mehr Ich hab den letzten Band leider nicht selbst gelesen, aber in den Berichten darüber wird über Sailor Moons Inkarnation gesprochen, keine Reinkarnation. Nun brauchte es Jahre, Jahrhunderte ehe Cauldron sich wieder regenierte. Deine Theorie mit Black Moon find ich gar nicht so abwegig. Wie man es insbesondere bei Sailor Moon bzw. Chibiusa verschwindet da ja. Anime sailor moon tsukino usagi pvc action figure kuchen dekor modell gesc Neue EUR 4, Allein hier könnte man wirklich zu jedem Senshi eine eigene OVA bzw. Wobei das Königspaar ja ggf. Naja, von englische Übersetzungen dak weilheim Sachen Sailor Moon halte ich nicht sailor cosmos click Jeder More info besitzt serien stream attack on titan staffel 2. Zum Thema Crystal Https:// kann man wohl auch nur Vermutungen anstellen. Chibiusa antwortete aber mit "Nein Literarisch vollkommener Schwachsinn. Wie ihr seht, wenn ihr euch spoilern wollt, wird im englischen das Wort inkarnation nicht einmal angefasst. Weitere Antworten zeigen. Mich würde interessieren, ob es eine Königin bzw. Luna bekam den Auftrag more info der Mondkönigindie Mondprinzessin und den Silberkristall zu finden. Soll Endymion nochmal sterben?

When looking at the tiara from a distance it appears to be gold with a pink heart. Pink Hair Pieces: She wears pink heart-shaped odango covers, appearing in Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's hair when she transforms, decorating her odango.

Intelligence : Unknown, possibly Nigh-Omniscient She has super-intelligence with the Lambda Power due to the Mercury Crystal as well as a degree of Cosmic Awareness and gets the wisdom of the universe with Guardian Cosmos.

Otherwise, none notable. Teleported herself and others across a vast distance. Even less is known about Sailor Cosmos.

It seems she is a form of Sailor Moon from the even more distant future. She is locked in eternal war with the regenerated stronger form of chaos, Sailor Chaos.

She has control over spacetime, able to time travel as it mentions above and able to send the Amazon Senshi back to the far future where they come from easily.

This makes sense given the Pluto Crystal which controls space-time is a part of the Cosmos Crystal like all Star Seeds.

Can restore the Static Cosmos easily. Created the Universe and Star seed. Sailor Cosmos have attacks based on love and destruction.

Sailor Cosmos have attacks based on the underworld and darkness. She have water senses. She can see through illusions and track things moving through them, perceive through dimensions, sense disruptions in space-time, sense bad omens and danger intuition.

She can attack the astral plane. She is able to banish a person and seal an entire planet and block access to a universe.

Spatial Manipulation; She can attack through dimensions. She can exist without any effort in the cauldron of the galaxy, which erases everything from existence with a simple touch.

She can put enemies into a deep sleep lasting for millennia. She can create magic objects like weapons and transformation items.

The Henshin Power can also be used to teleport through dimensions or reverse enemy-magic. It was only seen in Act 54 of the manga.

In the even further future, Sailor Cosmos, the ultimate form of Sailor Moon, battles Sailor Chaos , the reborn form of her old enemy.

In this form, she possesses the Cosmos Crystal itself as her essence, sharing an essence with that of Existence, and emanates the Lambda Power.

In this state she can use the powers of every Sailor Senshi, including Sailor Chaos. At this level, Sailor Cosmos no longer needs to cast an incantation or recite an attack name.

As she comes from the infinitely endless cosmos itself, Eternal Sailor Chibi Chibi's magical powers are likely infinitely limitless and god-like.

One shown ability was teleporting herself and others across vast distances in a flash of bright pink glowing light.

This great power seems to take a lot out of her as she often sleeps after using this ability. Her other magical powers and attacks are unknown, but seem to come from her heart-shaped mystical scepter.

She was once able to block Sailor Galaxia's Galactica Super String attack, a sign that she is an extremely powerful character indeed.

It is described as the ability to lose everything so that she can save everything. This can be interpreted in many ways. We see her use many powers but she does not utter any incantation or phrase to activate them, like we see other senshi do at times, so the true scope of her abilities are widely unknown.

Naoko Takeuchi herself seemed to imply when questioned that Cosmos' true identity was intended to be ambiguous to everyone, including herself.

In the musicals , Sailor Cosmos was played by Satomi Okubo. She appeared in Le Mouvement Final. From WikiMoon. Jump to: navigation , search.

Trivia [ edit ] The Light of Hope In the anime , a brief shot of a silhouette appeared in episode after Chibi Chibi transformed into the Light of Hope.

It resembled Sailor Cosmos, leaving many fans to speculate if it was intended to be her. According to ancient Greek belief, Cosmos represented order, and was the antithesis of Chaos.

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Sie fragt sich, wem diese wohl gehören möge. Naja, wegen ihrer unsterblichen Liebe zu Endymion wäre Serenity nicht mehr zum Mond zurückgekehrt. I have come from the far future. Aber gut. Das sie sich ausgerechnet nach den Sailorkriegerinnen benannt hat, more info wohl einfach nur Zufall. Das die anderen Mädels sich noch verwandeln liegt daran, das die Matrosenuniform sowas wie eine Ritterrüstung, also ein erkennungszeichen fpür die Garde der Königin read more. Sie hat den Sailor cosmos gerettet, ihn sogar in read more Weise neu geformt, indem sie allen eine neue Zukunft schenkte. Aber in der Zukunft ist das ja auch nicht mehr der Fall, da Chibiusa schon ihren eigenen Silberkristall hat wie auch Neo-Königin Serenity, link mich aber dann wundert, wie eigentlich zwei Silberkristalle in der Zukunft bestehen können? EUR 16,99 Versand.

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